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Trans-Atlas - a modern transport company, it today occupies a leading position in international road cargo transportation among carriers of Western Ukraine. The company "Trans-Atlas" is a member of the Association of International Road Carriers of Ukraine - ASMAP.

  • Great experience in the international cargo transportation market - more than 10 years! Good reputation!
  • Support of cargo transportation by professional managers;
  • Individual selection of cargo delivery route;
  • Flexible approach to pricing for transportation services;
  • Trucks for different loads - more than 250 units of vehicles;
  • Quality guarantee: conformity of transport to Euro-4, Euro-5 standards;
  • Maintenance of all cars at own service station;
  • We employ more than 250 professional drivers, with experience in international transportation;
  • Expediting your cargo;
  • We are transported through the TIR system. We make insurance of cargo;
  • Accurate cargo control with GPS navigation in trucks;
  • Economic expediency in shipments of goods of medium and large tonnage;
  • We can also carry low-tonnage goods (from 0.5 to 5 tons, 1-40 m3) abroad with us


міжнародні перевезенняInternational road transportation is one of the leading directions of activity of transport company "Trans-Atlas".

PP "Trans-Atlas" carries out trucking from and to Europe, both full load, and national teams. In this work we use beads, refrigerators, awnings or whole metal cars of the class Euro-4 and Euro-5.

We provide a full range of trucking services to / from European countries, Baltic States, Belarus, which includes:

  • selection of vehicles taking into account the characteristics, terms and conditions of delivery;
  • quick calculation of the cost of road transportation, in accordance with the requirements of the client;
  • providing driver contact information and truck numbers;
  • registration of documents at the border, including paid stamps;
  • cargo insurance;
  • transportation under the TIR system
  • information on the location of cargo (GPS).    We carry loads of different types!


Перевезення по УкраїніPP "Trans-Atlas" carries out cargo transportation to Ukraine up to 20 tons.

We provide reliable transportation to all areas of Ukraine, except for the ATO zone.

We offer: refrigerated transportations, oversized, low tensile, transportation of own things. Qualified managers will choose the most cost-effective and safe route to deliver your product. We insure all goods at our expense. Tracking of cargo using GPS.

Call on! Quickly and conveniently we will provide a car for full loading or for a combined cargo in Ukraine.

Перевезення рефрижераторамиPP "Trans-Atlas" renders services on delivery of cargo following a certain temperature regime on international routes. Each trailer is equipped with modern cooling and freezing units that allow the transportation of deep frozen products and perishable goods requiring only cooling.

Types of goods we carry:

  •  food products (including perishable and high-risk goods);
  •  chemical products;
  • medicines (including vaccines);
  • furniture;
  • expensive equipment (high-tech devices with liquid inside which freezing should be avoided).   All refrigerators are equipped with on-board thermal recorders, which record all changes in the temperature regime in the body throughout the carriage of goods.

Low-tonnage transportation.Transportation of small cargoes abroad is a popular and demanded direction in modern logistics.

PP "Trans-Atlas" arranges delivery of small-tonnage cars in both collective and complete cargoes abroad and throughout Ukraine. A small-tonnage vehicle (van, truck) is a vehicle that can be used to carry out mobile transport at different distances. Depending on the weight of the load and its parameters, the optimum vehicle is selected which can carry the small tonnage cargo the most safely and economically.

PP "Trans-Atlas" offers such variants of lorries: up to 2 tons, from 2 to 5 tons. Calculation of small-tonnage transportation at

The company "Trans-Atlas" carries dangerous goods abroad and throughout Ukraine. For this type of transportation there is a license and a staff of professional drivers who have a certificate of ADNN.

Transportation of dangerous goods is carried out in the presence of special permits and marking machines.

Managers of Trans-Atlas PE in accordance with international rules and regulations for the transport of dangerous goods will pick up transport, make a route, prepare the necessary package of documents.

Vehicles carrying dangerous goods are fitted with tachographs and an ABS system (anti-lock braking system).

Негабаритні вантажіPP "Trans-Atlas" renders services for transportation of oversized cargo in Ukraine and abroad.

In case of oversized transportation we provide:

  • Special transport, equipped with distinguishing signs, light signaling
  • Compliance with prescribed speed modes
  • The movement of authorized and surveyed highways
  • Carriage only with special permission
  • Licensing of oversized cargo transportation

Trans-Atlas company has its own car maintenance station. At the service center there is a complex of services on diagnostics, repair of all types of trucks.

High-quality spare parts and qualified masters will ensure the service and reliability of your truck at the flight



Make a calculation and make sure that the transport company Trans-Atlas offers the best prices per kilometer of transportation.



Trans-Atlas company is able to deliver goods to any country, but there are popular routes and rare, due to a number of circumstances. Countries in which we carry out regular cargo transportation:

  • Ukraine
  • Poland
  • Germany
  • France
  • Belarus
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Denmark
  • Czech Republic
  • Lithuania
  • Latvia
  • Russia


Powerful fleet of trucks, which has more than 250 units of vehicles. The cars are equipped with modern satellite navigation systems. Trucks meet Euro-4, Euro-5 standards.


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