TIR + system. Advantages of voucher TIR +.

The TIR + system is required for carriers in cases where high-value goods require a higher warranty coverage. It is this opportunity to give voucher TIR +: a fully computerized enhanced warranty on the TIR Carnet.

What is the system of TRI + and why does it need a carrier? First of all, there are cases where high-value goods require a higher guarantee coverage. It is this opportunity to provide a voucher THIR +: a fully computerized enhanced warranty on a TIR Carnet (depending on the original maximum TIR guarantee amount that is installed in each country) - $ 150,000, or € 160,000.

The voucher TIr + has key benefits both for carriers and for customs.

These benefits can be complemented by easy-to-use Internet applications: easy activation of the warranty at any time and anywhere, exists in English and Russian versions, infrastructure or maintenance is not required. At the customs portal, there is always an opportunity for a quick and easy check of the validity of the voucher THIR +.

Currently, ASMAP of Ukraine is processing the documents for the implementation of the TIIR + project and agrees the draft Annex to the Agreement on cooperation between DFS of Ukraine, ASMAP and IRU on the use of the TRIR + voucher in Ukraine. It is planned that the Annex to the above-mentioned Agreement will be signed at the XVI International Conference "International Road Transport - Problems, Solutions and Development Prospects", which will take place on September 8-9 this year in Odessa.

Key benefits of the TIR + voucher

For carriers:

  • saves time and money, as it provides the opportunity to avoid additional procedures that require too expensive customs (convoy) and / or national guarantees;
  • enhances security, the online registration process provides 100 percent reliability control;
  • Easy to use, it can be activated with a few mouse clicks using a completely secure Internet platform that does not require additional paperwork
  • has a high flexibility, the carrier can activate his TRI voucher anywhere before coming to the border or at the time of its intersection.

For customs:

  • saving time and money as an alternative to customs, which allows you to free human resources and vehicles;
  • allows for increased security, since the TRIR + voucher is only available to authorized TIR Carnet holders using reliable vehicles admitted for transportation in accordance with the TIR requirements;
  • provides a reliable financial guarantee - taxes and fees are provided by an international guarantee system with the support of international and national insurers;
  • easy to use - the procedure for TIIR + is the same as in the case of a regular TIR operation;
  • allows for increased transparency - fully electronic access to the TIR database to verify the validity of the TCO + voucher and real-time TIR Carnets.